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Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet



From clouds drifting in a baby blue sky, to the cobalt blue after dusk, BLUE CARPET is a daydream of eternity in a day.


The girl being photographed walks into the sea. The photographer watches, simultaneously capturing the scene and dissociating from the scene. “What I need is not a model who poses, but a person – a real body.” Flesh and blood that turns cold in the water. The relationship between the photographer and the photographed is therefore one of an improvised tango, each gesture or eye contact a referent of their setting, or existence. The sea is their director.


The tide rises, as the ridge slowly dissolves at the intersection between day and night. The heart becomes tender to its tension with nature. Yet the sea remains indifferent to all of this. The waves, crashing onto the shore, deconstruct, cleanse and reorganise all of our human complexities – our thoughts and doubts.


From here to there, the increasing shades of blue represent the rhythm of life. Manifested in BLUE CARPET is the ambivalent, energetic interaction between man and nature.


More intuitive than it is specific, Tang’s photography suspends the colours, lines and motion of a moment. “Even the wind leaves behind ineffable traces in the clouds, on the water.” Alongside photography, BLUE CARPET features Tang’s line drawings and texts – channeled by calligraphy artist Tsang Waiyi. Writings and lines release into the world with precise abandon the primitive, loaded emanation of photography as a medium.



Book Size: 210 x 297mm 
28 pages, Stitch Binding by hand
2019 Oct, Limited Editions, 50 copies only
Inkjet-printed in Hong Kong 

Photographer: Tang Ho Lun 

Calligraphy: Tsang Waiyi
Designer: Furze Chan

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