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We are a small publishing house based in Hong Kong.


We believe in books, they are carriers of life - the documentary of souls. 

We hope to create books that could reflect the initial feelings and sensibility in our heart.

1984 is a significant year to us - we entered this world. The 80s has been an era full of bombarding inspirations and information. We want to continue the sparkle, yet in our own way responding to the contemporary world.



Holun Tang

Photographer, works and live in Hong Kong. At the time before this publishing house is formed, Holun has released numerous photography books independently since 2013. Tang’s style of photography is tranquil yet mysterious. Everyday details that are trivial to others are unforgettable images to Tang. Through photography, Tang captures time slowly flowing in an obscure corner and narrates a story without a plot.

Furze Chan

Illustrator, book designer and doll-maker, works and live in Hong Kong. As a paper-lover, Furze is consistently seeking ideal formats for photography books. Interrelations between literature, imagery, music and paper textures are all to be explored in her book design works.

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