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Somebody says, after you walk through the time tunnel, no memory will be left. From here to elsewhere unknown, we are passing by without consciousness, step after step. No one could stay long, just like it had never existed. Close the eyes, hold the handrail, go through the staircase from the top to the ground floor, like you can touch the passage. River of time makes the purity of existence even more smooth and refined.


Stairs is the second photo book of Tang Ho Lun, a big format book with soft-cover. Inside, there are a series of risograph-printed black & white photos featuring an old staircase. By flipping through the pages, readers will be led into an obscura world of mystery.




Book Size: 290 x 420mm (A3)
Pages: 32 pages 
Binding: Staple binding with soft cover
Publication: 2014, 1st Edition of 90 copies
Language: English 
Printed in Hong Kong


Photographer: Tang Ho Lun 
Designer: Furze Chan


Self-Published by the photographer



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