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Maybe a Sentence or Something

Maybe a Sentence or Something

In the countless growing cycles of lotus, if observe carefully, you may feel the hints of life in their withering period; and the growth season is likewise followed by the death shortly. It’s like one layer is hidden from another , the decline and the flourish, which never split. The lotus pond looks still, is a mirror of sky, reflecting the color of our flowing life.

When our bodies rot away, they turn into the soil underneath, an absolutely spotless flower will bloom in next summer.


Maybe a sentence or something is the first self-publication of Tang Ho Lun. The 8-pages booklet consists of 8 photos accomplished by a poem. It can be unfolded to become a big poster, while each page can also be separated by tearing along the dotted lines.




Book Size: 190 x 230mm 
Book Size(fully open): 760 x 460mm 
Pages: 8 pages 
Binding: poster format
Publication: 2013, 1st Edition of 450 copies
Language: English 
Printed in Hong Kong


Photographer: Tang Ho Lun 
Designer: Furze Chan


Self-Published by the photographer



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    World wide shipping takes 20 business days; Local(HK) shipping takes 10 business days.

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