Furniture Music Postcards

Furniture Music Postcards

During the recent two years (2019-2021), I finished a series of drawings based on found sceneries. Like the concept of “Furniture Music” by Erik Satie in the early twentieth century, these drawings are subtle and sedate, and at the same time being so insignificant that they can be easily omitted.  Furze Chan


The postcard set includes 8 printed postcards of color pencil drawings. There are a matching phrase in Chinese characters printed on the back side of each image. Vintage paper was used in part of the package.




在最近兩年裡,我根據一些生活裡的風景完成了一系列繪畫。就好像二十世紀初Erik Satie的「傢俱音樂」概念一樣,繪畫裡的影像安靜而沉穩,甚至不顯眼得叫人輕易遺忘。 ── Furze Chan






Set of 8 postcards

postcard size - 10.3 x 14.9cm

Drawings by Furze Chan

Words by Tang Ho Lun

Chinese font – Ku Mincho

Printed by the artist herself in Hong Kong

May 2021 


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